Kylie Jenner’s fans believe that they have discovered the name of her 1st child who was born in January 1. Taking to their twitter page in large quantities, many people think she has been named butterfly after she dropped a series of big hints. Not only are there butterflies in the baby’s nursery,Kylie,20 and Travis Scott, 25 have had matching butterfly tattoos done. He has a song called butterfly effect and a few of the winged creatures were on her baby shower cake.

Kylie posted a butterfly emoji on twitter back in May as she left fans guessing. Kylie also stepped out wearing a necklace which was embellished with the little critters, which she clutched tenderly with her hand. Thanks to ”clues” in her 11 minute video chronicling her pregnancy and social media posts by mom Kris Jenner, quite a few twitter followers think they have figured it out. The name they have landed on; Mariposa which is a spanish name for butterfly.


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