26th June, 2019

What is making waves in the polity of Adamawa State is the recent visit of Sen. Abdul-Aziz M. Nyako, along side The leadership of African Democratic congress (ADC) and some notable stalwarts to the governor of Adamawa State Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri at the Dougerei house

Before the August visit, the duo were perceived to be political foes, owing to the political history of the 2014 impeachment saga.

While the visit was well applauded by many political pundits, analysts and essayist of sorts, the development did not go down well with some hardliners people alike, who seem to be more comfortable with the usual unwanted political feud and unhealthy rivalry that characterises Adamawa State politics.

Reacting to the mixed reactions, the spokeman of African Democratic Congress (ADC) Adamawa State, comr. Kukuya Godwin Kala’a said, it is a heights of folly to fan the ember of division, revalry and political bitterness for whatsoever reason

He said, those with this kind of mindset should be reminded that we are in the 21st century where politics has gone advance, they should therefore wake up to this reality or be left out in the political events

The era of political revalry and bitterness is of the past. What we need the most is healthy working relationship between and among key political players in the state, if at all they are not into the game of political game for personal ends, and that is what the pally suggests

If the duo can put their ideas, innovation, knowledge, experiences; assemble their human assets towards the onerous purpose of addressing the security and welfare needs of the citizens, certainly the state will be great

In the words of Sen. Nyako who extended the fig leaf, he said the gesture was purely in reciprocation of the what the governor has shown to the family in the couple of weeks ago; the invitation for the may 29th swearing in of the governor and the condolence visit paid to the family by the governor during the demise of the patriarch of the Hammanyero family, late Alh. Ahmadu Hammanyero Nyako

To whom honour is given, honour is also expected, therefore, nothing short of what Sen. Nyako demonstrated was anticipated from him.

Moreover, sheathing one’s sword is not an act of cowardice, rather demonstration of heights of civilization, as even war itself is politics by other means. Therefore, the truce should not be treated with indignation

May I please, draw the attention of the right thinking minds to note that what Adamawa needs all this while to advance, is peaceful political atmosphere among the political class, which has been scarcely enjoyed over the years, thus the need to appreciate this new dawn by this fresh and new generation leaders who are here to right the wrong and do the same thing in a different way

When the elephants fights the old adage says, the grasses are always at the receiving end. Why then are some grasses uncomfortable latest development. Moreover, both the religions we practice preaches peace, or do we not practice what the religions preaches

May I finally remind and admonish all and sundry that peace is the some qua none for every meaningful development, we are therefore enjoined to embrace peace for the foward match of our communities and Adamawa state at large

Comr. Kukuya Godwin Kala’a
ADC Spokesman
Adamawa State.


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